Yifu Zhang is a product designer and creative technologist based in NYC.

Selected Work[1/4]

Merlyn Mind

Worked at HOOKOOEKOO, Branding, Web Design, Development

Next generation contextual AI platform.

Selected Work[2/4]

Apple Music

Worked at Elephant, Visual Design

⚠Detail on request⚠ Help Apple refresh their music streaming product experience, by introducing a semi-generated visual system to categorize and feature music pieces in hundreds different themes/artists.

Selected Work[3/4]


UX Design, Web Design

Headless e-commerce platform with a modular system.

Selected Work[4/4]

STP BFA Opening 2020

Experience Design, Development

Browser based virtual art show. Served thousands of participants in 2 days. Featured artworks across a wide range of mediums from 837 young artists attending 96 universities in 13 countries.



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